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Frequently Asked Questions...

Q. Do you cover the whole of Scotland?

A. We are based in Largs on the West Coast of Scotland, but because we specialise in 24hour live-in care, are       able to cover much of the West of Scotland from South Ayrshire to Dumbartonshire and Strathaven to Arran and       Oban.

Q. What rating did you receive from the Care Regulator?

A. We received a score of 5 (Very Good) from the regulator (SCSWIS) for Quality of Care and Support.

Q. Is there a Contract to be signed?

A. Yes, we would like you to fill in our Registration form.

Q. At what times can I contact the office?

A. The office opening hours are Monday to Friday 9am until 5pm. After hours one of our staff will be on emergency       call if you need assistance, you have the comfort of knowing you can always speak with someone, not an       answer machine that will simply take a message.

Q. Would any funding be available?

A. In Scotland you maybe entitled to free personal care for the elderly over 65’s from the government. Please get in       touch and we will direct you in the correct procedure.

Q. What rating did you receive from the Care Regulator?

A. We received a score of 5 (Very Good) from the regulator (SCSWIS) for Quality of Care and Support.

Q. How would you set up services for me?

A. On receipt of an enquiry we send out a brochure and a registration form.
      We would work with you or your representative which could include Social Services, GP, District Nurses or       Occupational Therapist. Given your registration, we would begin planning the care. The Nurse Manager will       always be involved in cases requiring 24 hour live-in care and will normally visit to begin preparation of the       detailed care plan. Funding would be discussed together with the practicalities of care in your home. Carers       would be selected, introduced and prepared and receive training particular to your requirements. Typically we       find successful care plans can roll on for several years or can be completed upon your recovery.

Q. What are the conditions for the Carer in the household?

A. Basically the Carers need their own bedroom in the live-in situation. They would also be provided with food from       the household. Sometimes a subsistence allowance is paid when funded by Social Services.

Q. Can you cope with debilitating conditions?

A. We cater for a whole range of dependency levels from care and companionship through to High and Total       Dependency.

      In the extreme we deal with severe conditions such as total paralysis, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury       or other causes of total debility. Almost invariably there are medical complications when we need to work       closely with your primary care professionals such as your doctor, District Nurse and Occupational Therapist. We       are guided by them in your medical care.

      Then we also care for conditions that sometimes have lesser dependency levels such as:

            Conditions of the Elderly
             Stroke recovery
             Recovering amputees
             Impaired mobility
             Learning difficulties

      And at the lower end of the scale:

             Supportive Companionship

Q. Can you describe what 24 hour live-in care is?

A. The Carer will be with the Client 24 hours a day typically on a 4 day on 4 day off rota, depending on the need of       the Client. It can vary from companionship to total dependency. There will be a level of care which will be tailored       to the individual’s requirements. Personal Care can be provided and we would deal with all aspects of       household chores.

Q. Are your Carers employed by you?

A. Yes, our Carers are employed and paid by us. They are under the supervision of our Nurse Manager.

Q. Do you make enquiries into the background of your staff?

A. They all have an up-to-date Criminal Records Bureau check under the recently introduced Protection of        Vulnerable Groups Scheme. All must have a background in care and have two favourable references which we        always thoroughly check

Q. Do you have a standard Service for all clients?

A. No importantly we tailor the service to meet your needs and if possible your individual requirements.

Q. Does Clyde Carers conform with high service standards?

A. We are proud of our high standards as a professional Care provider. We are members of the United Kingdom       Home Care Association and work to its Code of Practice. The Social Care and Social Work Improvement       Scotland SCSWIS) report on what we do. Their last inspection rated our service as 5: Very Good. Our Nurse       Manager also works to the NMW Code of Practice. We are also a contracted Care Provider with several Local       Authorities.

Q. What if I don’t get on with Carer?

A. We normally rotate two or three Carers in each case to keep continuity for the Client. Every effort is made to       harmonize Client and Carer, if you do not get on, we will provide another Carer until we have the right       combination. Our terms say we would require to bow out having tried up to 8 Carers.

Q. Is the Carer able to cook?

A. Yes, our Carer will be there to cater for all your meals. If we have details of what your best to eat, we will prompt       your Carer to prepare that for you. Also the office has made up cookbooks of our favourite national dishes.

Q. If I select Clyde Carers, how promptly can you help?

A. Just as swiftly as we can. Obviously the more notice we have the quicker we can put care in place. With urgent       requests, every attempt will be made on your behalf to help.

Q. What if I am unhappy about aspects of the care?

A. We have a Comments and Complaints procedure that explains what to do. We very much welcome comments       because then we have the opportunity to put right the object of your concern. And of course we would rather       redress a problem before it results in a complaint. The regulator (SCSWIS) is informed of any complaint under       our procedure.

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